About Kate

About Kate

I've been a Law of Attraction Coach, dedicated to helping people who want to feel great about their lives, for five years now. True success isn't just about how your life looks on the outside, but about how you feel on the inside...

I also enjoy a more conventional career in commercial law, which I fell out of love with for a while as I embarked on what I felt was a more spritual journey. One of my own life lessons has been to integrate all parts of myself - the intelligent business woman with the sensitive empath; the impatient over-analyser with the zen manifestor. It's been as challenging as it's been fun, and life continues to feel happier every year.

 I've learned how to attract the bigger ticket items in life - health, wealth, a wonderful marriage and a career that looks like I want it to. 

Despite having been divorced three times, had cancer, been both 'broke' and broken, I've learned that anything and everything can be turned around for the better and beyond all expectations. 

You are here visiting my website with your own story and for your own reasons. Perhaps you are facing a bit of a life crisis. Maybe you feel the time is right for you to embrace some change; to do something for yourself, because you are usually the one being strong for everyone around you. I believe there are no coincidences. Whether you’re full of despair, or feeling flat about a single aspect of your life, I can help you experience better things. If there’s a little voice inside telling you there must be more to life, then maybe you are ready to uncover your true happy. Reach out to me for a chat at hello@katehealeyhappy.com ... I would love to hear from you.

Much love and abundance,