About Kate

About Kate

I am a Law of Attraction Trainer, Success and Happiness Coach, dedicated to helping people who want to feel great about their lives. True success isn't just about how your life looks on the outside, but about how you feel on the inside...

I’ve always been drawn to alternative ways of thinking, but until a few years ago I had a conventional career in a different type of law and lived a very different life than I do now. I was in the corporate world, living with the stresses and strains that brings, and although I was successful, I felt unfulfilled and I was just going through the motions of life.

I was what you might call a high performer, functioning well on the outside, but hiding my discontentment from the world. Despite my success and high salary, I felt tired and apathetic. I relied on antidepressants to keep me bobbing along. 

It wasn’t that I never stopped to consider how unhappy I felt inside – I mused that often and was always reading personal development books – I certainly wasn’t lacking in self-awareness. I also thought I had a pretty good understanding of how life worked. I meditated and devoured information on mindfulness and spiritual laws, but my life was still full of drama... by the age of 42 I was getting divorced for the third time! There was always something or someone outside of me to blame for things going wrong. 

One day in 2014, I created a vision board that included me having a career doing something I felt passionate and inspired about. A week later the ceiling fell down on my head in the office. I was injured and off work for a number of months before I was dismissed on the grounds I wasn't well enough to return. Where previously I’d thought things couldn’t get any worse, I certainly felt they had at that point!

I had spent more than 20 years quashing my inner guidance system, (which kept trying to show me alternative ways of living), in favour of doing what I thought and felt that I ‘should’ do. Not just with my career, but with my personal life too.  I was strong and determined and I used to fight my way through challenges – thinking nothing of feeling uncomfortable. It took an actual knock on the head to force me to stop and change direction. 

Fast forward a few years and my life looks completely different. Every aspect of that vision board became reality. My Law of Attraction training turned out to be just the beginning of an incredible journey of expansion, clearing (including breast cancer) and energetic healing. Now I have the privilege of waking up each morning feeling deeply contented, like I am worthy of all the abundance in my life and excited for what will come next. 

It took me a long time to start feeling satiated by life. I had to overcome many barriers in order to learn how to help others do the same. Ultimately there can only ever be one thing preventing you from becoming the incredible person you came here to be - that version of you who feels successful and happy on the inside, as well as on the outside.  

You are here visiting my website with your own story and for your own reasons. Perhaps you are facing a bit of a life crisis. Maybe you feel the time is right for you to embrace some change; to do something for yourself, because you are usually the one being strong for everyone around you. I believe there are no coincidences. Whether you’re full of despair, or feeling flat about a single aspect of your life, I can help you turn things around. If there’s a little voice inside telling you there must be more to life, then maybe you are ready to uncover your true happy too. Reach out to me for a chat at hello@katehealeyhappy.com ... I would love to hear from you.

Much love and abundance,