About Kate

About Kate

I am a Law of Attraction Trainer and Happiness Coach, dedicated to helping people who want to REALLY enjoy their own lives! I’ve always been drawn to alternative therapies and holistic healing, but until a few years ago I had a career in a different type of law and lived a very different life than I do now. I was in the corporate world, living with the stresses and strains that brings and I was fundamentally unfulfilled. I was just going through the motions of life.

I bounced in and out of marriages and jobs like I was choosing what to buy for dinner and my life was a drama that would give any soap opera a run for its money! I was holding down a stressful executive job and living as a single mum of two after leaving my third marriage.

I was clinically depressed (as I had been for most of my adult life) and deeply unhappy with myself for a whole host of reasons, many of which I wasn’t even aware of. Despite earning a very good salary in a ‘traditional’ profession, I was carrying high interest debt nearing six figures (aside from a mortgage). I really wasn’t in a very good place.

It wasn’t that I never stopped to consider how unhappy I felt inside – I mused that very often and was always reading personal development books – I certainly wasn’t lacking in self-awareness. I also thought I had a pretty good understanding of how the Universe worked. I had been using Reiki daily since 2002, had devoured The Secret by Rhonda Byrne when it was first published and worked with spirit for as many years. But still my life was full of turmoil and it seemed there was always something or someone outside of me to blame for that.

One day at work, just a matter of days after I’d completed a vision board that included me having a career doing something that I felt passionate about, part of the ceiling fell down on my head. I was injured and off work for a number of months before I was dismissed because I wasn’t well enough to return. Where previously I’d thought things couldn’t get any worse, I certainly felt they had at that point!

I had spent more than 20 years quashing my inner guidance system, which kept trying to show me alternative ways of living, in favour of doing what I thought and felt that I ‘should’. I used to fight my way through life – thinking nothing of feeling uncomfortable. It took an actual knock on the head to force me to stop and change direction. I used to have a postcard on my desk with a drawing of a signpost on it saying ‘If nothing goes right, go left” and whilst it used to make me chuckle, I can see the irony now in that I hadn’t actually followed the advice!

It took me just a couple of years after that blow to the head, to completely turned my life around. Today every aspect is as I wished it to be on that vision board… and trust me – I didn’t hold back! I’ve become a master in applying the principles of the Law of Attraction and I’m living a life brimming with abundance. Best of all, I feel happy in myself.

I’ve known for a long time that one day I would do a job where I “helped people to help themselves” (a brilliant clairvoyant told me that when I was just 22). It always resonated with me, but I had no idea if she was right, or in what form the work would take until I was in my 40’s.

Now I understand why it took so long for me to reach it and to start really loving my life. I had to overcome my barriers to help others do the same. Ultimately there can only ever be one thing preventing you from becoming the amazing person you are here to be, and that is yourself.

You are here visiting my website with your own story and for your own reasons. Maybe you feel the time is right for you to embrace some change. I believe there are no coincidences. Whether you’re full of despair, or simply wanting to take the ordinary out of just one aspect of your life, I can help you avoid it taking 20 years. If there’s a little voice inside telling you it’s time you made a left turn, then maybe you are ready to find your happy too!

Yours in abundance,