Spiritual Growth and Why it Can Feel Like You Are Going Backwards

If you know that we are all connected, that we are vibrational beings and that we get to create our own reality, you are what is termed ‘enlightened’. Because you know these things, you are no doubt making an effort to behave more positively as a result, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll immediately kiss goodbye to meltdowns. Whatever form a ‘meltdown’ might take for you, be it an outright tantrum, a period of low mood, or plain and simply having an episode of projecting your emotions onto someone else, you don’t need to feel that the new improved you isn’t doing well or being authentic.Spiritual growth and why it can feel like you are going backwards
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Does Your Success Depend on Where You Start?

I recently posted a caption on FB “You never need to feel like anyone is luckier than you” making the point that you can create anything you desire and that any hardship you experience can actually make for stronger desires. This was met with one response saying “where you reach has to do with where you start from” and that got me thinking. I felt inspired to share my thoughts in some detail because it was a really great point about whether our success is limited by our beginnings.

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How to Get What You Want More Quickly!

We are all vibrational beings, emitting frequencies that the Universe responds to. When we make a decision to bring (or manifest) something into our lives, it’s because that thing is going to give us good feelings. More money might make us feel free; a new lover might bring with them fun; a new job might make us feel inspired or motivated. Speed up your manifesting

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The Momentum Behind Depression. What You Need to Know.

Depression is a controversial subject, not least in Law of Attraction terms. On the days when I’m riding high and feeling like an LOA purist, I wouldn’t consider giving the subject a second thought, let alone writing about it, but I recently came out the other side of a bit of an emotional crash, and I feel inspired to kiss it goodbye with some sharing. I know what I say will reach others who need to hear it. In fact, perhaps it’s one of the reasons I created the mess that I did!

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The Law of Attraction Science Simplified

Law of Attraction | Vibration

The Law of Attraction is the powerful universal law that states we attract whatever we give our attention to – whether that is wanted or unwanted. Our thoughts, emotions and feelings all emit ‘vibrations’ out into the Universe that draw to us more of what we’re thinking about, be that people, experiences or things. That which we are; we attract. Law of Attraction Science Simplified

The science behind the Law of Attraction can be tricky to comprehend because it involves quantum physics, the principles of which can be mind boggling even to the scientists studying the subject! In simple terms, quantum physics is the study of nature at the smallest scales of energy levels, of atoms and subatomic particles.

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