How to Get What You Want More Quickly!

We are all vibrational beings, emitting frequencies that the Universe responds to. When we make a decision to bring (or manifest) something into our lives, it’s because that thing is going to give us good feelings. More money might make us feel free; a new lover might bring with them fun; a new job might make us feel inspired or motivated. Speed up your manifesting

All good feelings are high up on the emotional scale; they are operating at a high frequency, whereas negative feelings are operating at low frequencies. Because the Law of Attraction says that ‘like attracts like’, we can only attract what we are a vibrational match to. So, if we want to attract things that will give us good feelings, then we have to be a match to those things so that they will appear in our lives – that is, before they appear in our lives.

Let’s take money as an example that most people can relate to. There is an old saying that “money attracts money”, that is to say, it’s easy to make money when you already have money. Whilst in a simple sense this can be true, there are also plenty of people in the world who are born with, make, or win money, only to then go and lose it.

What actually happens with people who have money and then make more money, is that they are revelling in the positive emotions associated with having that money. They are operating at a high frequency with those emotions and that is causing them to attract more of it. They are likely using their money to have fun, enjoy new experiences and feel the freedom that comes with having it. Conversely, the wealthy person that loses his money might be spending his time worrying about losing it, believing he still doesn’t have enough, or being frugal and not spending it very freely.

The most powerful way to manifest things quickly into our lives is to establish why you want something and really feel into the emotional state that having it would put you in. Using the example above, think of what having more money would mean to you, and how it would make you feel.  Then focus on feeling those same emotions as often as possible in the areas of your life where you are most easily able to feel them. Yes, visualise yourself doing what you would like to do with the money and enjoy the scenes as though they were already real, but also, dothings that give you the same feelings as having the money would.

Most people want more money because it will give them freedom away from work; it will take away their worries; or allow them to pay for things that will be fun. So, take a walk in an open space to appreciate your freedom; watch something on TV that will make you laugh and distract you from your worries; go and do something fun that doesn’t cost anything.

If you struggle to find the feelings associated with having more money because you think you will only have those feelings afterit appears in your life, then you have the answer to why it hasn’t turned up yet. It’s simply because you are feeling the lack in not having it, and this is stopping you from becoming a high vibrational match to it.

The fact is, when we ask for something, the Universe gives us the ability to have it immediately. However, in that moment of asking, we are rarely a vibrational match to it. If you think about it, most times when we decide we want something, it is because we are experiencing the lack of it in the first place. There has to be some means in this world for us to identify what it is we wantto create, and our complete set of emotions, (good and bad), is our guidance system to do just that.

So, you can see, the fact that our emotions need to catch up with our desires, is perfectly natural. The chain of events goes like this:

bad experience -> negative emotion -> identify new desire ->

practice positive emotions -> vibration rises-> desire manifests

Ultimately, after your desire is established, the only thing that matters is getting your own vibration lined up to receive what you’ve asked for. It might seem counter intuitive not to subsequently think to death all the steps you need to take to bring your desire to fruition, but that really isn’t your work.

Whilst the ‘what’ in terms of your desires is your job, the ‘how’ is not. The Universe will work out the ‘hows’ on your behalf and it will present them to you in ways you can only imagine. To see your desires manifest into reality, you must line up with them vibrationally, and this is why your work is purely in raising the vibrational frequency that you are emitting. In simple terms, your job is to get happy!

Remember that everything in your life today is something you previously manifested and is a reflection of where your emotions once were. You had to be a vibrational match to all the things in your life you don’t like, as well as the things you do. If there are still things in your life that you don’t like, then recognise that you are still, to some extent, a vibrational match to those things. Really own that fact because your current experience is giving you the very valuable information you need to change your situation.

If you keep resisting the information, the Universe will persist in showing it to you because that’s its job: to help you get what you’ve asked for. If there’s something stuck inside you preventing your vibration from rising, it needs to be released, but you have to be open to seeing it. The thing to remember is that it will only ever take you as long to manifest your new desires, as it takes you to become a vibrational match to them.

When things aren’t coming as quickly as you would like, it’s important to be kind to yourself. You just have some momentum going in the wrong direction that you need to turn around. Momentum is simply how the law of attraction works. Imagine a passenger train going at break neck speed down a track. If it were to change direction without slowing down, it would break the necks of the people on it and probably half the mechanics inside it too. Thankfully, it needs to first slow down and stop going in one direction before it can move in a new direction, and you are no different.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like, so the more you think, feel and behave in a way that ‘matches’ what you want to attract, the faster momentum for that match will build. Think positively about what you want, and if you can’t think positively about it, know that the Universe has heard your desire, and just think about something else completely.

Trust that timing is always perfect, no matter how frustrating that might feel to you. If the Universe were able to give you something before your vibration was ready to receive it, you wouldn’t be able to hold onto to it anyway, and that would cause you even more frustration.  

When you raise your vibration, in whatever way works for you, it won’t take long at all before you to start noticing amazing things happening in your life. And it’s honestly not because you decided to find the good feelings anyway, without your desires manifesting. I promise you the Universe won’t see you being happy without the things you’ve asked for and decide you don’t want them after all. It simply doesn’t work like that!