Procrastination – What it is and Why it Really is Okay

Where to start with the annoying little subject of procrastination! It frustrates, debilitates and has us beating up on ourselves. You know you create your own reality, so how can it possibly be okay to procrastinate? Is it laziness; lack of discipline; being easily distracted; not having realistic goals; not being a ‘completer-finisher’??

In the last three years, I’ve been a master in the art of procrastination, so I feel more than qualified to impart my knowledge on the subject. But get ready to be kinder to yourself….

Our world is completely focused on action orientated living and DOING is the number one important thing. In fact, did you know that ‘busy bragging’ is actually a thing? If you aren’t busy filling every second of your time then you are wasting it; if you don’t have the job you want then you aren’t working hard enough and if you haven’t solved your problems then you need to think more about them!

But this isn’t how our world really works. Granted, most of the population believe it is, but the Universe we live in is a vibrational one; it responds to vibration over and above action every time. For us to have all that we desire, we must first and foremost do the vibrational work and then take a different kind of action.

When we are waking up to how the Universe really works and making the transition to the more enlightened versions of ourselves, with new lives and careers that we love, some procrastination is inevitable. If you were to have a visitation from the Angel Gabriel one day, or a near death experience, then you might become enlightened overnight, but for most of us, it’s a slow, deep and sometimes painful journey of unpicking and learning that leads us to our personal ‘awakening’. If it all happened in a heartbeat we wouldn’t be able to cope with the pace or stay grounded. Much change is required and that usually comes with much resistance from our ego, which is trying to keep us safe in our old ways because they feel familiar and comfortable.

Now I wouldn’t describe procrastination as resistance per se, but the overall effect is kind of the same. Both are showing you where you are and what you need to know. If only you are open to seeing. Procrastination can rear its head at seemingly the most inconvenient times, but there is no coincidence in it being there – it’s exactly where it’s meant to be. Procrastination is, if you like, your higher-self’s way of setting a pace for change that is right for you. Now your ego is telling you something different. It is repeating the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ that society would have you believe, but your higher-self always knows best. In fact, the only reason procrastination can ever feel bad to you is because your higher-self doesn’t agree with what your ego has to say about it. The truth is there is nothing bad going on.

Procrastination can feel particularly uncomfortable to those changing their line of work from a traditional action orientated career to more holistic work like healing or coaching because the difference between the two is immense. If this relates to you, be kind to yourself because the changes you are going through are huge and there may be lots of unpicking of traditional working values to do. You may be experiencing fear about exposing the new, authentic you, which is also a big deal and something that can take time to feel truly confident about. To be in a place where you can be of consistent benefit to others, you must first be in a place of alignment yourself and this requires working through your own ‘stuff’ to reach a vibrational place where you can do this. In my experience, this can take more time than you think it will, as you peel away layer after layer of the old you – but that’s a good thing because it needs to happen!

The way to embrace procrastination is firstly to believe it is none of the things in my first paragraph above. It is instead, about timing. The Universe lines things up for you as soon as you ask. All that’s required from you is to do the vibrational work to line yourself up with what you’ve asked for. Procrastination ensures that you see there is still some work to do and so the timing isn’t quite right for you to move forwards yet. It is your higher-self’s way of telling you to press pause and take stock because you have something to deal with.

Have you got some fear that needs addressing? Do you have some limiting beliefs that need to change? Are you truly taking the time and quietening your mind enough to listen to your inner guidance and only take inspired action? (that different kind of action that I mentioned). Is your higher-self trying to move you in a different direction altogether? Listen. Notice. Trust.

Everything is perfect – procrastination and all. Everything is going well for you. It’s time to chill about your procrastination and let go of those old paradigms. Give that procrastination love and appreciation because, whilst you might not know in this moment, once you are open to seeing what it’s showing you, everything will become clear. In perfect timing for you.