How Does Life Change When We Follow Our Inspiration?

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, something I rarely do, when a beautiful picture jumped off the page at me. I say it like that, not for dramatic effect, but because it’s the best way I can describe how it actually felt. It literally gave me butterflies. A feeling of…

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Conscious Parenting – Why Children Know Best

I had a very thought provoking experience with my youngest daughter a little while ago.  Kitty, then 6, is an incredibly sociable little girl, bright and bubbly and full of love. She also has one of the strongest wills I’ve ever come across! My older daughter, Georgie, is 12 years Kitty’s senior and she was…

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Twelve Tips to Feel Happy

Happy Smile

I’d like to be clear about something right from the start. Being ‘happy’ doesn’t mean we’re always in a good mood. When I refer to being happy, I’m talking about feeling fundamentally positive and hopeful about your life; being able to really enjoy who we are; feeling pleased and excited about waking up in the…

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