How to Make BIG Life Changes… Easily

Make Big Life Changes

Sometimes, when you’re living with circumstances that aren’t enjoyable, it can be easy to believe that you are STUCK. All manner of restrictions can cause this thinking such as personal obligation, finances, age, capabilities, or qualifications. But it doesn’t have to be that way and you might be surprised to know that with a change…

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How Meditating Supercharges Your Manifesting Powers

I want to be absolutely clear on something before we get going: you are manifesting ALL of the time. You are a creator whether you like it or not and you don’t get to turn your manifesting powers on and off. You don’t need to think positively to manifest, you don’t need to meditate to…

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How to Get What You Want More Quickly!

We are all vibrational beings, emitting frequencies that the Universe responds to. When we make a decision to bring (or manifest) something into our lives, it’s because that thing is going to give us good feelings. More money might make us feel free; a new lover might bring with them fun; a new job might…

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