Coaching with Kate

My Approach to Coaching

I find it most effective to take a two dimensional approach to coaching. First of all I introduce you to effective, proven Law of Attraction techniques and tools, many of which you'll discover are different from those you might have read about in books such as 'The Secret'.

A key ingredient to making the Law of Attraction work in the way we want it to, is to truly believe we are worthy of receiving what it is we want in our lives. Whilst most of us can say we are, more often, it is our underlying belief system that holds us apart from the life we want without our knowledge. Did you know that approximately 90% of our beliefs are completely subconscious?

My personal experience has shown me that certain behaviours we display can also be very damaging to the lives we create. Only when we understand what these are and what causes them to 'show up' in us, can we liberate ourselves and learn to feel better inside. And good things must flow from us to flow to us.

Through practical exercises, I help you identify what's really going on beneath the surface and guide you to clear out what isn't positively serving you. The tools and knowledge you take away will enable you to maintain long term positive change.

What You Can Expect

Firstly, we'll make a date for an initial chat about what you want to gain from working with a coach. This can be an audio or video conversation and is free of charge. It's very important that we both feel like a good fit for each other so that you get the maximum benefit from your coaching experience. Choosing the right coach for you is an extremely important part of the process; it is key to your success, so it's important that my approach and style resonates with you.

Your coaching programme is tailored to your own unique needs and is not predetermined.  Very often this work goes in a direction you might not expect, but rest assured that we always get where we need to go.

With new clients, I work in 90 minute sessions because this gives us good time to undertake practical exercises. My SuperChange Programme, which consists of four full coaching sessions tailored to your needs, will set you on your way to making some real and lasting changes in your life. I recommend you follow this with a monthly programme if you'd like continued support through ongoing periods of change.

I give you lots of homework to do, but the good news is that you are very likely to find it enjoyable and certainly enlightening. To get as much from your coaching as you can, I strongly recommend that you make the time to do the exercises I give you between our sessions.

This is a big process. It will change not only what you experience in life, but also how you think and feel about yourself. Self-discovery happens in layers, a bit like peeling an onion apart. I guide and support you through your journey, which can be an emotional experience, but ultimately very fulfilling.

Coaching can be online (Skype, FT, Zoom) or in person if you live locally to me in the UK. I am based near Winchester in Hampshire.

My Coaching Fees

SuperChange Programme - £1,111 

This includes our initial chat, 4 x 90 minute bespoke coaching sessions, email support between our meetings, all materials and exercises. For optimum benefit, these four sessions are taken within a 3 month period.

Following your SuperChange Programme, you may find it helpful to continue with a monthly programme for a short while, where you will benefit from ongoing guidance, support and importantly, accountability. A monthly package of £149 includes 1 x 60 minute coaching session (by audio or video call). This is only available if you have completed the SuperChange Programme. All prices are ex VAT.

If you have an open mind, a true desire to change and would like to know more, send me an email using the form below. I would love to hear from you!


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