How can coaching help you?

If you are wondering whether the style of coaching I offer might be helpful for you, here are a few questions that may help with your decision:

  • Do you like the thoughts that go on in your head?
  • Do you worry about what people think of you?
  • Do you feel liked, appreciated and loveable?
  • Do you ever find yourself saying yes to people, then wishing you’d said no?
  • Do you have an addictive nature?
  • Do you find that other people frustrate or irritate you?
  • Do you have trouble completely trusting people?
  • Do you feel jealousy towards others who have what you’d like?
  • Do you spend time thinking about something or one that once hurt you?
  • Do you wonder what your life has come to, or even what it’s all about?
These are all signs that you don’t feel fundamentally good about who you are. This is the antithesis of how we are supposed to feel about ourselves. The average person lives for approximately 38,000,000 minutes – that’s a jolly long time to spend with somebody you don’t like very much! In fact, that would get anybody down!

It may sound like a cliche, but when you learn to love yourself, your whole world looks better. That’s because life reflects back to us what we put out. When we don’t feel great about who we are, life feels tough and negative emotions can easily take over. This can have all sorts of knock on effects in our lives like how we interact with people, how we allow them to treat us, the relationships we choose, how we parent, how we spend our time, even the amount of money we have!

If you want to wake up feeling excited about the day ahead of you as well as the years to come, you have to be living with passion and purpose. And this can’t happen until you feel good about yourself. Yes, you might get short bursts of happiness, but imagine feeling high on life every day?

This could be you. It doesn’t matter where you are or what your personal circumstances, it is possible to feel better about yourself and when you do, every aspect of life becomes so much more enjoyable!
  • Do you live in a house that you love?
  • Can you afford to do everything you want to?
  • Do you enjoy amazing holidays and travel wherever you want to?
  • Do you drive the car of your choice?
  • Does thinking about money make you feel free, excited and positive?
If you ever find yourself saying “I can’t afford that…” then I can help you. There are so many myths around having wealth and financial abundance, it’s no wonder many seem unable to generate enough to live their lives exactly how they want to.  From an early age we hear things like “don’t be greedy”, “you can’t have everything you want”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”. We may even look at someone driving a sports car and think they are showing off or being vulgar.

Wanting to have more money isn’t shallow or unwholesome: with money we can feel free, we can optimise this wonderful life and we can be more generous to those we love. I can help you transform your relationship with money so that it flows easily to you. We identify the money myths you might be holding onto and then work to dissolve them from your experience. You really can have what you want!

  • Do you love what you do?
  • Is your career fulfilling?
  • Do you feel valued and respected?
  • Do you feel like you’re in the wrong job, but aren’t sure what the right one would look like?
  • Do you earn enough money to do exactly what you want to?
  • Do you have enough time outside work to do whatever you want?
If you dream of doing something different for a living but just can’t imagine how to move into such different realms, then I can help you. I used to believe that to make lots of money you had to be in a traditional profession and even then, it was only possible for those at the top of their field to be wealthy.

I also once believed that success was only available to those who made sacrifices and that there was no gain without pain.  The fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.  I can help you create the perfect career for you. Imagine having the income you want, doing work you love, in an environment that suits you, with people you like, on terms that you choose. Sound too good to be true?  That’s not a thing!
  • Has your separation knocked your spirits?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • Is your financial dispute costing you lots of money?
  • Are any aspects of your divorce outcome filing you with fear?
  • Could your relationship with your ex be better for the sake of the children?
  • Are you worried about an impending house move as a result of your separation?
  • Are you concerned about how you will cope financially?
Going through a divorce can be really tough even when it’s something you are choosing to do.  I’ve done it myself, more than once, so I know first-hand the deluge of emotions that it brings up.  But you can move through anger, hurt, guilt, regret, uncertainty and fear.

I can help get you to a place where you feel hopeful about your future again, where you and even your children are happy and comfortable with their new circumstances and where your financial outcome is beyond what you can imagine.  You can even choose to have a good relationship with your ex if you want to.

You will be filled with excitement for the future and ready to start your next chapter with new skills that you can apply to improve EVERY area of your life.  I can help you get your life back to exactly where you want it.

  • Do you feel unappreciated by your partner or like they just don’t ‘get you’ anymore?
  • Do you find yourself sharing your relationship problems with your friends?
  • Do you feel like you tell your children off too much?
  • Do your children seem ungrateful to you?
  • Does the thought of your in-laws visiting fill you with dread?
  • Do you work with somebody you struggle to get along with?
  • Do you wish you had more friends on your wavelength?
I can help you transform your relationships without the participation from the other party.  In no time at all you can be looking at someone who once made your blood boil with a calm tolerance you might just describe as magic. Your children will delight you, your partner will fill your heart with love and your annoying boss might just become your new best friend!

  • Is it performing as well as it could be?
  • Are clients and contracts flowing into your experience with little effort?
  • Are all of your clients pleasant and easy to deal with?
  • Is your business financially abundant?
  • Is it growing at the rate you would like it to?
  • Do you love your work?
  • Do you have plenty of time to do what you want to outside of work?
I can help you answer a wholehearted “YES” to all of these questions and make you fall in love with your business so that it fires you up inside like the day you started it.  Together we can work to restore any balance you might have lost in your life, increase your income and make your work life thoroughly enjoyable.  YES, it is possible!

  • Are you fed up with kissing frogs?
  • Are you starting to think Mr Right already moved in with somebody else?
  • Do you think true love only exists in fairy tales?
  • Are you whiling away hours of your precious time on dating sites?
  • Are you recently single and feeling that your confidence has been knocked?
  • Do you believe that the man or woman of your dreams would want you too?
Fear not, for help is here: the techniques I can show you really do work like magic from a fairytale. You CAN have the love you desire and the relationship of your dreams.  And NOBODY is exempt. I can help you identify what you want from your relationship and help that perfect partner to appear – practically in a puff of smoke!

  • Are you fed up with being in pain?
  • Does your body seem to constantly hurt, but you push on through?
  • Do you feel low or even depressed?
  • Do you feel like you’re always moaning or taking pain killers?
  • Does your illness stop or limit you from doing what you want to?
  • Do you make plans knowing you might not feel up to keeping them when the time comes?
Chronic pain takes its toll and when you’re living with it, it can seem impossible to believe you have the power to turn things around: but you do. All you need to start, is an open mind. If the thought of feeling better makes you feel excited, then you’re ready to change things.


Coaching with Kate