The Happiest You Employee Programme for employers who genuinely care

Are you doing enough to show your employees how important their mental wellbeing is to you? This programme will help you exceed their expectations

Employees who feel well cared for are more engaged, motivated and loyal Their happiness is key to your organisation's success

The Happiest You Programme

The Happiest You Programme was not designed to be an employee assistance programme in the first instance. It was created for individuals who want to feel great about every aspect of their lives.

This makes it very special as an employee offering. The days when employers could focus on work-centric topics to support employee wellbeing are over. Your employees need more than that...

They are people with multifaceted lives. They don't leave parts of themselves behind when they start work. How they feel about life; their ability to sustain a good mood; their relationships, finances and physical health... all these things have a bearing on how your employees show up for your business. The programme covers all these areas.

'Presenteeism', a term coined by the Mental Health Foundation to describe people who are absent in mind or spirit due to mental health challenges but physically present at work, is estimated to cost Britain more than £150bn each year. That's double the annual cost of absenteeism from mental health sick days in the UK.   

To avoid or resolve mental health issues, we have to feel good about who we are and where we are in life. We have to feel like we're winning in ALL the different areas - not just where our careers are concerned. 

When we learn how to feel deeply happy from the inside out, everything improves and our external circumstances look better.

It sounds simple, yet most of us haven't learned how to do that. Most people believe there is a cap to how great they can feel and a limit to how much joy they can consistently experience in life.

This programme is designed to remove those limitations. That starts with improving our perception of self. When this happens, we allow more goodness to flow to us, we feel uplifted, fulfilled, safe, positive and resilient. This is what true happiness looks like...

This is what you'd be wise to ensure is running through your organisation. 

Happier employees means increased productivity and less business days lost to both physical and mental illness

And let's not forget that happiness is contagious. It will spread through your organisation and improve the working environment for everybody.

How Does the Programme Work?

happy t shirt on chair with hat

The Happiest You programme is accessed from a secure members portal online. It follows a clear process to avoid any overwhelm, but is completely self paced. Membership includes support in a closed FB group as well as access to live coaching calls.

It takes approximately 10 minutes a day to complete, over a minimum of 3 months. There are more than 65 short audios and videos, split into 12 different modules, each one covering a different area.

The programme content is diverse. It includes lessons in positive psychology, self-actualisation, mindfulness, metaphysics and spiritual laws, transactional analysis, energy clearing, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Rapid Transformational Technique (RTT) work. The science and research behind it is progressive and offers fresh insight into how to live in a more positive way.

The programme is licensed based on the number of employees you have. The annual license fee does not assume that all your employees will partake in the programme, however it does give all employees the option to do so if they wish. Your employees will retain access to all the materials for as long as your licence is current.

There is also an option for organisations to procure a package where the programme is made available for partners of employees to participate.

Each employee signs up to the programme individually using your unique employer licence code. This ensures complete confidentiality as, once you have provided your employees with the code, their relationship to the programme is completely independent.

Annual usage statistics are available to employers and will be provided in such a way to maintain employee privacy.

What Results Can My People Expect From Doing the Programme?

  • To feel more positive and empowered
  • To experience less stress and anxiety
  • Relationships will feel more supportive and positive both at home and work
  • ​To feel more resilient when dealing with life's knocks
  • To enjoy greater self-confidence
  • To feel more capable and motivated to accomplish their goals
  • To feel more valued and satisfied as an employee
  • To feel healthier in mind, body and soul
  • To experience increased levels of excitement about the future

We Already Have An Employee Assistance Programme in Place How Would This Sit With That?

The Happiest You Programme is very different from other employee assistance programmes because it offers a holistic approach.

It also comes from a different perspective offering new insight and motivation into learning to think differently about the root causes of our happiness.

It is easy to think that things outside of us are responsible for making us feel the way we do, but this isn't the case and the programme seeks to help the individual really understand this on a deep level. This is what creates sustained change.

The programme complements a range of other mental health offerings and will work particularly well when used in conjunction with a meditation/mindfulness app, mental health first aid techniques and talking based therapies/counselling.

The programme is effective at all ends of the mental wellbeing spectrum, for all genders and ages. It will offer another dimension to your organisation's mental health portfolio, enhancing what you already have available.

What People Are Saying About The Programme….

"I recently finished the programme but missed the recordings in the mornings so much I started from the beginning again. I can't tell you how much happier I am. Thank you so much!"

"I'm absolutely loving the programme. I've done countless hours of counselling and life coaching over the years but you come from a different direction that I'm really enjoying."

"I enjoyed the first recordings so much I listened to them all in one sitting! I’m starting again tomorrow with one a day!"

"The programme was amazing. I love the new way I'm looking at life."

"Enjoying the modules so much - it's like rekindling the very essence of my soul."

"I'm loving the programme. I’m finding it eye opening in understanding myself better, what I can do to be happier and how to implement it."

"You articulate the subject in such a personal way but at the same time probing one’s inner feelings. Even in Module 1 I had some big triggers and as I get deeper they keep on coming".

"I've been on this journey for a long time but I love having a daily reminder of what I need to be doing to keep myself on track." 

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

As many as 1 in 3 of your employees could be experiencing mental health challenges Even more may be feeling apathetic about life

The Happiest You Programme takes a preventative approach to building a foundation for strong mental health and happiness.

It teaches a proactive, sustainable approach to empower each individual to success.

It isn't just for people who are unhappy - 'unhappiness' looks different for everybody. The Programme will benefit anybody who doesn't feel consistently uplifted and enthused by all areas of their life.


  • a lack of direction for where life is headed
  • difficulty creating desired life outcomes
  • feeling unfulfilled despite having reached goals
  • ​feelings of stress or overwhelm
  • ​financial problems or frustrations
  • ​​self-doubt, procrastination or imposter syndrome
  • ​low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • over analysing, worrying or being a perfectionist
  • ​relationship difficulties including infidelities
  • anger issues, being short tempered or critical
  • loneliness
  • consistently feeling a need to 'fix' or advise other people
  • being affected by past hurts or feeling unable to forgive
  • ​depression or anxiety
  • chronic physical illnesses
  • ​​addictions or eating disorders

Would You Like To Know What We Cover In The Different Modules?

What Does the Membership Include?

  • 12 weekly modules packed with tools, teachings, techniques and tips. Each module includes 5 short classes plus an exercise with all the downloadable worksheets and coaching materials required.
  • Access to an exclusive private members Facebook Group. This is designed to be a safe, encouraging space where your employees can be supported and support others as they wish to. Only members participating in the programme have access. Employees have direct access to me, plus they will meet likeminded people to share their experiences and celebrate their breakthroughs with.
  • Access to members-only "Live Coaching Calls" where I answer any questions your employees may have. They’ll get advice, support and trouble-shooting tips that work.
  • Various bonus articles and materials throughout the programme.

"The root of our mental health problems is the same. They all originate from how we feel about ourselves and the life we've created so far. The same principles for feeling good apply whether we're completely miserable, or a little frustrated by certain aspects of life. They just apply to differing degrees. Individual circumstances mean different levels of practice may be required, but the programme is designed to support that. It meets participants where they are. For those already on a mindfulness path, the programme will focus their efforts, refine their thinking and keep them on track."