The Happiest You Programme

This Programme is Exclusively For People Who are Serious About Feeling GREAT. It’s only for people committed to creating a life for themselves on a super high and happy level…

If You Trusted For a Moment, Do You Think This Could Be You? Are you ready for your life to feel that good?

  • Ready to stop being defeated by your own mindset?
  • To stop experiencing stress, anxiety and worry?
  • To have relationships that feel supportive, LOVING and fun?
  • To feel healthier in both your body and mind?
  • ​To understand your purpose in life and fall in love with your work?
  • To feel strong, capable and resilient?
  • To feel pride in who you are, where you are and what you’ve achieved?
  • ​To experience way more abundance in every aspect of your life?
  • To feel content, light and calm?
  • ​To know where your life is headed and actually feel EXCITED about the future?
  • ​To see your potential and KNOW that you can reach it?
  • To feel a deep sense of love and appreciation for yourself?

Imagine. No more fear or worrying about what life has in store for you.

No more feeling hopeful one day, then apathetic, anxious or low the next.

No more doubting that your dreams are going to come true.

Just a really bright future to look forward to instead!

The Happiest You Programme

Our lives are a reflection of how we feel on the inside. If we want to attract good things to us, we have to first feel that we are deserving of them. We have to hold a strong expectation, have self-belief, and practice positive behaviours, because 'like attracts like'.   

That can be easier said than done.  I know because I've been there. Just because we want to feel better, it doesn't mean we always know how to go about this, and even when we do know, we can still be masters in failing to take action! Inner happiness isn't something that magically appears because someone tells you to cheer up. It takes practice. And the right kind of practice at that.

So where do you start when you're not feeling great about yourself on the inside? When you know deep down you've got some things to change but the thought of doing that is all a bit overwhelming? When there are aspects of your life you just don't seem to be able to get going in the direction you want them to...  Is it really possible to feel secure, confident and fabulous on the inside if you've never felt that way before? 

The answer is absolutely YES! It doesn't matter where you're starting from, you CAN feel better, but you have some steps to take...

These steps are unique and personal to you, but in my programme, I show you how to identify them.

Once we've identified them, I'll show you how to feel inspired on an ongoing basis to implement them...

How Does the Programme Work?

The Happiest You programme provides a layered process for change. You'll start to feel the benefits immediately, but some of the lessons will take a little longer to integrate.

The programme is hugely varied. It includes lessons on the spiritual laws, positive psychology, self-actualisation, mindfulness, transactional analysis, NLP techniques, energetic clearings & upgrades, EFT and RTT work. The science and research behind the programme is progressive and therefore for some, may require a completely new way of thinking.

The principles take practice. Our behaviours and beliefs have been forming since we were born (even before that), and all new habits need time to become second nature. I walk you through this in a manageable way to support your long-term success.

We leave no stone unturned - addressing the way you feel about yourself, your mindset, your finances, your goals, your work and your relationships. It's all relevant. To feel completely happy from the inside out, there are multiple aspects we need to get working at a high level of satisfaction simultaneously.

Most of us have one or two more challenging areas in life and if these aren’t mastered, they can bring the others tumbling down with them. We’re setting out for a clear round and that means tackling different subjects in a methodical way, so we avoid any overwhelm.

Each week of your membership, a new module is unlocked containing 5 x 10 minute audios and an exercise to work through. It's designed for you to listen to a (10 min) audio per day, and most people like to do this first thing in the morning to set them up on a positive note. However, it's fine to work through at a time and pace that suits you. The lessons don't disappear - you get to keep them, so you can access them any time you want to.

This Isn't Just Another Online Course Where You're Left to Go it Alone You have access to me and a closed facebook group for the level of support and encouragement that suits you 

If You Think All That Sounds Expensive, I Have A Pleasant Surprise For You…

I could write for ages on the merits of this programme and how much value it will give you... On how other courses like this cost hundreds (as did mine when I first launched it) and on the fact it would cost you thousands to go throuogh this process with me on a one to one basis.  

The fact is, I want it to be accessible to as many people as possible. If price is a barrier to your happiness, then I'm taking that barrier away for you. You deserve to love your life. We all do and I have been blessed to find a way for that to happen. I simply and honestly want to share that gift.

So that's why the new price for the programme is just...


That's an incredible price for a life that feels GREAT! 

Over 1 in 4 people in the UK are currently experiencing a mental illness and more than 25 million people in the USA have been taking anti-depressants for more than 2 years. Medication might seem like an easy solution, but long term these meds can contribute to all sorts of other problems. They also don't address the underlying issues, so the problems keep coming back. 

How many more millions fall into the category of just not being in LOVE with life?  Those either ‘going through the motions’ each day or feeling frustrated that the life they'd really like to be living is out of their reach? 

It’s time for that to change and I want to help make that happen.  I believe we're ALL here to absolutely love life and it’s my vision that in time, programmes like this one will be routinely prescribed by doctors, implemented by employers and incorporated into our schools - to help keep our young ones happy from the off.

I'm so confident that you'll get incredible benefits from the programme that I'll give you your money back if, after completing the modules, you don't feel better. 

What People Are Saying About The Programme….

"I recently finished the programme but missed the recordings in the mornings so much I started from the beginning again. I can't tell you how much happier I am. Thank you so much!"

"I'm absolutely loving the programme. I've done countless hours of counselling and life coaching over the years but you come from a different direction that I'm really enjoying."

"I enjoyed the first recordings so much I listened to them all in one sitting! I’m starting again tomorrow with one a day!"

"The programme was amazing. I love the new way I'm looking at life."

"Enjoying the modules so much - it's like rekindling the very essence of my soul."

"I'm loving the programme. I’m finding it eye opening in understanding myself better, what I can do to be happier and how to implement it."

"You articulate the subject in such a personal way but at the same time probing one’s inner feelings. Even in Module 1 I had some big triggers and as I get deeper they keep on coming".

"I've been on this journey for a long time but I love having a daily reminder of what I need to be doing to keep myself on track." 

Would You Like To Know What We Cover In The Different Modules?

What Does the Membership Include?

  • 12 weekly modules packed with tools, teachings, techniques and tips to take you closer to your best life. Each module includes 5 short classes plus an exercise with all the downloadable worksheets and coaching materials you need.
  • Access to an exclusive private members Facebook Group. This is designed to be a safe, encouraging space where you can be supported and support others as you wish to. Only members participating in the programme will have access. You’ll have direct access to me, plus you'll meet likeminded people to share your experiences and celebrate your breakthroughs with.
  • Access to members-only "Live Coaching Calls" where I'll answer any questions you may have. You’ll get advice, support, trouble-shooting and tips that work… there is truly nothing holding you back from living a happy and completely fulfilling life.
  • Bonus articles and discounts off additional Kate Healey.Happy courses.

Are You Ready To Find Out If You're A Good Fit For The Programme?

For you to gain all that is possible from the membership, these are the things I ask you to bring along... 

  • Openess to the possibility that your life can change (even if you're not sure how that's going to happen yet). If you are the type of person who thinks they have a problem nobody can solve, then we won't be right for each other.
  • Willingness to complete the exercises!
  • Willingness to listen and follow the advice offered in the programme.
  • Commitment to spending 10-20 minutes of your day to the goal to become the happiest person you know, for just 12 weeks. (If this concerns you, add up how much time you spend watching TV in a week and see if that helps you decide whether it’s possible!) Most of the work can be done on the move, and just to reassure you, this commitment will feel good to you. It will feel like your new passion.
  • Readiness to take responsibility for your life and commitment to doing what it takes to achieve that. I’m going to be asking you to leave all your excuses behind you! If I can do it then so can you! It may not be an easy ride, but the results are worth every bit of the effort you invest. They’ll come back ten-fold AND we’ll have lots of fun along the way.
  • Kindness to others if you choose to join the private FB group. If you can’t be kind, you'll be asked to leave.

So, Who Is The Happiest You Programme For? Is it just for people who are unhappy?

Well, 'unhappiness' looks different for everybody. The best way I can describe this Programme is to say it's for anyone who doesn’t feel consistently uplifted and enthused by all areas of their life.


  • a lack of direction for where your life is headed
  • difficulty creating the life you desire
  • feeling unfulfilled despite having reached your goals
  • having a job that doesn't inspire you
  • ​feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • ​financial problems or frustrations
  • ​​self-doubt, procrastination or imposter syndrome
  • ​low self-esteem or lack of confidence
  • over analysing, worrying or being a perfectionist
  • ​anger issues, being short tempered or critical
  • ​relationship difficulties including infidelities
  • ​loneliness
  • not being able to say no or put yourself first
  • consistently feeling a need to 'fix' other people
  • being affected by past hurts or feeling unable to forgive
  • ​depression or anxiety
  • chronic physical illnesses
  • ​​addictions or eating disorders

"The root of all these problems is the same. They all originate from how you feel about yourself and the life you've created so far. The same principles for feeling good apply whether you're completely miserable, or a little frustrated by certain aspects of life. They just apply to differing degrees. Individual circumstances mean different levels of practice may be required, but the programme is designed to support that. It meets you where you are. If you're already on a mindfulness path, the programme will focus your efforts, refine your thinking and keep you on track."