Receiving – Are You Ready For The Good Stuff?

Everything in your life is something you have created, whether it’s something you consider to be good or bad. If there are people, things or circumstances around you that you don’t like, it can be obvious with hindsight to see how you attracted them to you. For example, if you are in a relationship and frequently accuse your partner of being unfaithful, there is a chance that one day they may be. You can probably see how the mistrust you put into your vibrational field could cause the Universe to give you something to be mistrusting about.

Often though, it can be difficult to understand how we’ve attracted a particular situation into our experience or why we seem unable to receive anything better. Not understanding can hinder our ability to take full responsibility. It can be easier to blame somebody else for our misfortunes. But this is never really the case because we create our own reality – nobody does it for us.

That isn’t to say we’ve created every situation intentionally, or even knowingly and this is where our belief system comes into play. The human mind is a complicated beast and over 90% of our beliefs are held in our subconscious. Remember that you communicate with the Universe through your feelings. If you consider how many limiting beliefs you might have picked up along the way, you can start to understand how, what you think you feel, might not be completely cognisant with what your subconscious is feeling.

Limiting beliefs have a huge impact on our ability to receive in life.  For example, if you want an amazing relationship but you don’t seem to be able to manifest one, you may have a deep down belief that you aren’t really worthy of one. This belief unfortunately is very common. It is often the blocker that prevents people creating lives that they truly love.

Before we are born into our bodies we are pure love energy but we don’t stay as that because the vibration of our planet isn’t that high. We live in a world where there is war, poverty, greed, etc. and we are immediately required to conform to the society within which we are born. We form limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve based on our parents’, teachers’ and others’ experiences because they’re the ones showing us their view of the world.

Limiting beliefs can be formed at any time during our lives but are largely created during our ‘formative’ years, from when we are in the womb, up to about age 7. Beliefs can be created by the smallest of experiences which can be why they stay in our subconscious where we remain unaware of them. The events surrounding them can feel insignificant to our conscious minds but to our subconscious mind, they represent real risk.

Limiting beliefs can be a huge factor causing us to attract unwanted things later in life. We don’t necessarily know we’re doing it and we wouldn’t do it through choice, but if we don’t know what is buried deep down in our psyche, we might not be aware until something unwanted shows up. Just because a negative belief is undercover in our mind, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t strongly active in our vibration.

Fear is a good example of a limiting belief.  Most of us at one time in our lives have felt frightened. When we are young and small we are very vulnerable and so more likely to feel fear from minor circumstances that as adults, we can rationalise as not really being frightening at all. Our rational mind doesn’t fully develop until we are about 25 years old so this is hardly surprising. As our first years are the ones when we absorb the most information into our subconscious, is it any wonder we can end up with underlying fears that don’t serve us later in life.

We can also bring forward into this life the karmic beliefs and experiences of our ancestors. Many people have experienced amazing things through past life regressions, myself included. Through this means of hypnosis I have been able to uncover ingrained beliefs that I wasn’t aware of, but that I can see now held me back for many years.

Our beliefs aren’t always apparent to us even when we are looking to identify them. They only show themselves to us when our vibration is high enough to deal with them. And that’s made more tricky by the fact they can be the exact things preventing our vibration from rising in the first place. Consequently, getting to the point where they make themselves known can be very challenging.

But making these discoveries is a very important part of the manifesting process. As you may know if you’ve read my free e-book ‘How to Raise Your Vibration’, (you can download it here), the Universe responds to your overall vibration. That means, if you’re holding onto negativity, your vibration is being pulled down. You become like a ship dragging its anchor – you can’t reach your optimum potential because you are being slowed down. In order to receive the high vibrational things that you want in your life, you have to raise your own vibration to be an equivalent match.

The collective consciousness that is Abraham Hicks says that it chose Esther as a channel for its messages because she was without any emotional baggage; a kind of clear receptacle, if you will. Esther had a very happy childhood and she didn’t collect a bunch of unhelpful beliefs that would prevent her from receiving either the messages from spirit, or the abundance that followed. Ironically, we naturally tend to quash our negative emotions because we think we are helping ourselves be more positive. We say things like “I don’t want to drag up the past” or “I don’t want to be a victim”. But ultimately, that isn’t helpful.

Now I’m not suggesting we hunt down our negative experiences, give them lots of attention by talking about them repeatedly and reliving them with our friends. That would only serve to create more of the same. What I am saying is necessary is that we face the things that are brought up for us and we do the work to release them.

It’s not so much personal development work as personal discovery work because it’s more about getting back to who you are at your essence – who you would be if you didn’t have any negative beliefs. When we discover ourselves fully, we can embrace who we are because we start to understand exactly who we came here to be.  If you’ve ever felt there’s more to life or that you don’t really understand why you are here, this probably resonates with you.

As the Universe feels your overall vibration, it’s no good thinking you’ll get where you want to in life if you feel good sometimes but there’s that one thing that really gets you down and you just can’t keep your mind off it. It needs to come out into the light and be released so that your vibration can rise up to where you want it to be. And this is the reason the Universe shows you, through whatever means, the things you need to know. This, by the way, is most often our relationships!  It’s doing it so you can start to attract what you have asked for.

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to deal with your deeply buried emotional issues. The reason things only come up as our vibration rises is so that we are able to deal with them, so trust that your inner strength will conquer. If you aren’t ‘vibrationally’ ready to see something, it won’t become apparent to you. It might just stay with you as a repeating frustration or show up as a pattern or theme in your life.

I’m not saying that the things you are ready to face will all feel fine when you become aware of them – hurts for example, by their definition are probably still going to hurt until you work through them and eventually let them go. What I am saying is that the Universe has your back and it’s showing you what you need to see in order to take the next step forward towards receiving the life that you’ve asked for. It’s your choice as to whether you a) recognise the signs and b) do the work on yourself to raise your vibration. It comes down to how much you want to love each day of your life.

There are many techniques you can use to help you process what comes up for you. I use a combination including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), RIT technique (Rapidly Integrated Transformation) and Gamma Healing, as well as various energetic techniques such as Reiki and Ho'Oponopono clearing.  Often, the most gentle processes can be the most effective at propelling us forwards because sometimes all we really need is full permission to be our complete, uncensored selves.