This is about trusting the process and knowing unequivocally that what you have asked for will show up in your life. When we really want something it can be easy to become a bit obsessed with achieving or attaining it. And when we become attached to the thought of getting something but it doesn’t immediately show up for us, we can become disheartened and impatient, desperate even. We worry and start to disbelieve that it’s ever coming. We become painfully aware that what we want isn’t in our existence yet and that is not a good vibrational place to be in. If we get to that point, what we want simply cannot show up because it’s in a different vibrational place to us.

Our conscious minds are incredible tools that can be difficult to switch off. They naturally start to work out how to get us to where we want to be, analysing and planning every step of the way. We think that’s taking responsibility for our lives. This is a problem because your conscious mind works on the basis of everything it has learned. If you’ve had any experiences in life that are less than abundant (which we all have!), then your mind will have developed limiting beliefs about what is possible. It will put parameters around HOW you can get to where you want to be and what you need to do. You are likely to be unaware of any limiting beliefs you have, because over 90% of them are subconscious.

The thing is, when you ask the Universe to provide you with something, the Universe is working on a completely unlimited basis. Just imagine for a second what that actually means. The fact is, as human beings with limited brain capacity this is a difficult concept to grasp… Being truly and completely unlimited by anything… Hmmm. But the Universe is the power that creates worlds. As Abraham Hicks says, ‘none of us has shipped anything in from other planets – everything here is what we have created’. You don’t have to look back many years to realise just how fantastical that is.

So the message here is trust, believe, KNOW that what you want will come to you in divine timing – when your vibration is completely aligned to it. You don’t need to know when or how it will happen – trying to control the details is fruitless. The Universe can deliver in ways much better than you can even imagine, so get out of its way! If you can’t stop worrying about the fact something hasn’t yet showed up, then you have to find a way to stop thinking about it. Chill out and detach yourself from the outcome. Focus your energy on getting happy – raise your vibration and trust me; you’ll get where you want to be a lot quicker and without the angst!