We humans are vibrational beings, emitting frequencies that the Universe responds to. Vibrations work at different frequencies. Imagine a radio trying to receive a signal from a radio station transmitter. It has to be tuned into the right frequency or it will just hear white noise. We can all relate to how positive energy feels as opposed to negative energy, and the difference between the two is really all we are talking about here. Think of it simply in terms that positive energy has a high frequency and negative energy has a low frequency.

Our feelings are what determine the frequency we are operating at. Feeling appreciative, happy and loving are all ‘good vibe’ feelings, whereas feeling angry, sad or unworthy are not. Put simply, the better you feel, the higher your own vibration goes and that means that the vibrational frequency you are emitting rises.

The things that you want in life are the things you believe will make you feel better – money to spend, loving relationships, a job you love, enough time to do what you want, etc. etc. These things are all positive and that’s why they sit in a high vibrational place. Because like can only attract like, you can only attract them to you if your own vibrational frequency matches their vibrational frequency. That’s why feeling happy and having fun is such a critical part of the manifesting process. What a bonus that is!

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