Spirituality, Coronavirus and that Good Old Vaccine Question

The vibrational frequency of our planet is rising rapidly. With the collective intention of millions around the world all waking up and willing this to happen, things couldn’t be any other way.

The internet has provided the perfect springboard for an awakening on a huge scale and momentum has been gathering now for a good couple of decades.

No longer is it possible for any segment of society to silence the voices who spread the knowledge of the universal laws. First and foremost, that everything is, and always has been, about energy.

For our world to undergo this shift in frequency, to become a more wholesome place filled with love, freedom and joy over everything else, the old paradigms of control and oppression must first be dissolved. And that could never come about without an appropriate proportion of disruption. It’s far too big a deal. It is inevitable that change on that level will bring with it discomfort.

Contrast is always what brings about the biggest changes because it is what causes the birth of our biggest desires. When we face financial hardship, we wish for more money, when we find ourselves with an illness, we wish for good health.

The Trump administration in America is the perfect example of the necessity for contrast. Such an outrageous personality couldn’t help but invoke passion even in the meekest of beings, people who might ordinarily have had no interest in the matters he was stirring up. 

Whilst we might not resonate with the man, Donald Trump was a gift to the planet. He had a soul pact to come and give things a big old shake up and of that he did an excellent job. Not all lightworkers look like spiritual healers and Reiki masters. Some take the form of narcissistic world leaders.

Contrast on the level he brought to the party was always going to end well. He couldn’t have created so much strong feeling and caused so many to collectively wish for better circumstances if he had been a pleasant, gentle man emanating love. Back In 2016, the vibration of America wasn’t high enough to attract a leader like that, but his demise is evidence of its rise in frequency since then.

We can thank Mr Trump for some of the acceleration toward the higher dimensions we are now starting to experience, despite his inevitable oblivion to that.

The Coronavirus is here on the same principle. There is little doubt that its presence has sprinkled some serious contrast around the planet in the last year. It’s taken lives and enhanced a lot of fear-based thinking through our communities. It’s led to loss, loneliness and limitation for many, through various imposed restrictions across the world.

In my lifetime I don’t recall anything that has invoked quite the level of passion in the collective, in both positive and negative forms. Different groups of people advocating the rights and wrongs of government decisions, travel bans and vaccinations. And of course, some conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. 

All contrast, whether it relates to world politics, a global pandemic or our own relationships, exists to push us towards a more positive life experience. In the Western world we can be particularly guilty of living a life without appreciation for the abundance we have. The freedom to move around, to safely leave our homes and enjoy the company of our loved ones, to travel to other countries and experience different cultures, to reap the benefits of modern medicine and technology. By showing us what we have to lose, we are inadvertently shown what we had in the first place. It shouldn’t need to be this way, but for many it is, and that has to be okay with the rest of us.

By slowing us down, we can feel the benefits of being mindful. We can feel the gratitude for those prepared to put themselves at risk to help others, not just in the key workers, but also in the neighbours honouring the rules and staying at home to keep each other safe. 

Only from the perspective of fear is anything going wrong. Fear of illness; fear of death; fear of our economies failing. And from this painful perspective we can only create more discomfort.

If we look at things from a bigger perspective, we can start to understand that we are living in a miniscule blip in time and that everything will come good again when the right balance is restored. We don’t need to know the whys and wherefores of the virus to accept this. By questioning its purpose, we question the perfection of our universe and its greater will, and that makes no sense at all. 

But knowing that everything is in perfect divine order does not mean that Coronavirus doesn’t exist. It does and there is a degree of discomfort to be embraced before the pandemic subsides.

It is really important for us to be authentic about this and about how we are truly feeling at this time. Our authenticity is what supports our spiritual growth. If we are feeling frustrated or fearful then we must acknowledge those feelings in order for them to be released from our energy field out into the universe to be healed.

When we deny these feelings, we keep them quashed inside and we bring our vibration down. Instead of emitting the frequency of being authentic, which is truth, we emit the frequency of untruths, if you like, lies. Turning a blind eye to the existence of the virus in the name of not giving it any attention may be tempting, but unless we have completely transcended our human experience, it isn’t us living our truth.  

I am not suggesting for one minute that we give the virus any more of our attention than is absolutely necessary. What we focus on will always grow. Personally, I don’t watch the news, read newspapers or scan social media because it winds me up. It is one of the factors I use as an excuse to bring myself out of alignment and I don’t need any excuses to do that!

But I’m not living in a cave. I’m at home in the UK, ‘locked down’ with my daughter. I’m not able to see my friends or family at the moment or do some of the things I love to do, so I am perfectly aware of what is going on. And it’s a really challenging time. It’s bringing stuff up for me as it would anybody and I’m having to be extra diligent to keep my daily spiritual practice intact and maintain as high a vibration as possible. 

A number of people have asked me recently what my thoughts are on the subject of the virus and the vaccine in light of the fact I am very particular about what I put in, and on, my body, following a foray with cancer in 2019. I finally felt inspired, (after the sixth sign from the universe!), to put aside the book I am close to finishing and write this article to share my views. 

Here is the starting point, purist law of attraction perspective… 

We are immune from the virus if we completely believe ourselves to be. We cannot attract something into our lives that we are not vibrationally lined up with. 

BUT… and this is a very BIG but, so please do not take the words above in isolation…

We do not always know what we are lined up with vibrationally. 

Yes – we can tell if we are in alignment in any particular moment from how we feel, but do we really know what is going on at all levels of our being? Because all those levels do have an effect on our vibrational frequency. Can we say we are always able to identify our emotions and own what we feel 100%? Can we honestly say we have done the work to clear out all our past emotional pain from deep down? Negative energy that might somewhere along the line have impacted our immune system?  

I know I couldn’t. I might once have thought differently, but having cancer show up was an absolute truth teller. I know now that even the most intuitive amongst us might never really fully comprehend what is going on inside. 

We must be authentic about this. It’s not a weakness to admit that we fall off our alignment perch sometimes – or even often. After all, we are living through some difficult times. When we resist being really honest about how we feel, we shame ourselves and we prevent our true feelings from rising up to the surface. Only when they do that can they be healed and cleared. It is perfectly natural for us to feel a whole host of emotions, particularly with the level of contrast around at the moment.  We are here for a human experience and that is what we are getting! 

We only have to look at the internet to see some of the most spiritual people getting all knotted up and angry about being controlled by the government, being tricked into this or that or how the vaccines are going to harm us. Those are enlightened people – but they aren’t people in alignment with their higher selves. They aren’t emitting pure positive frequencies for the universe to respond to with more of the same.

They are people who have issues about being controlled and manipulated. They may believe wholeheartedly in what they are preaching, but their approach isn’t one of love without judgment. They aren’t being authentic because they aren’t owning what they are really experiencing deep inside themselves. They are in a place of blame and cynicism. Yes, they are doing the best they can, but they can’t possibly be in a position to attract good things while they are feeling all hot under the collar about what somebody else, or some constitution is doing.

We don’t get to compartmentalise the energy we are putting out based on the subjects we feel good or bad about. To an extent we can affect specific areas of our experience, by having positive expectations, but our health is a complicated thing and in my humble opinion it isn’t worth taking the risk of hanging onto any negativity for.

At the end of the day, the universe responds to our average vibrational frequency. If we are not absolutely confident in our ability to maintain our alignment regardless of what is going on around us, then we cannot say categorically that we are immune from attracting a disease. 

Regardless of whether we are spiritual or not, regardless of what our views are on world politics, religion, the environment or anything else, we only ever fit into one of two categories that really matter: Those people who are in alignment and those who are not. If we are being honest and authentic, we will acknowledge and admit to some oscillation between the two. If we are being both conscious and responsible, we will get into a good place before we spill our opinions out into the world.

Just as a consistently high vibration and a complete belief that we are immune from the virus can keep us safe, so too can a vaccine where we believe the same of it. Conversely, a vaccine can only do us harm if we believe that it will. So why put that out there at all? The vast majority of us don’t push against travel vaccinations. Instead, we choose to view them as a necessity wrapped up in a wonderful opportunity to explore the world. 

There is no coincidence that Coronavirus appeared when it did, and we can’t ignore the relevance of modern medicine in this equation. It is something to be celebrated. Just as the universe sent the virus to raise the vibration of the planet, so too did it inspire those doctors and scientists who chose to come here at this time to take us to the next stage of dealing with it. 

Nobody can tell anybody what the right approach for them regarding the vaccine is. Anyone that tries is not holding steady in their own alignment. By quietening our own mind and connecting with our higher self we will receive the knowledge that nothing is going wrong and that we are safe.

By being honest and authentic with ourselves, the path that invokes the least amount of fear and resistance will make itself known to us. Sometimes it can be the case that neither of our options comes completely concern-free. And that’s okay. It is what it is.

Let’s respect each other’s decisions on this journey we are taking together. Let’s choose to see those we perceive to be trying to tell us what to do as well meaning and be grateful for their care. Let’s choose to look at the vaccine as something that will benefit the people who don’t know how to line up with wellbeing…

Or those people who are not able to stay in complete alignment with the belief that they are absolutely immune from the virus’ grasp…

Those people like me, who mainly feel safe, strong and invincible, but who are prepared to authentically acknowledge that they sometimes also feel a little bit vulnerable too.