How to Make BIG Life Changes… Easily

Sometimes, when you’re living with circumstances that aren’t enjoyable, it can be easy to believe that you are STUCK. All manner of restrictions can cause this thinking such as personal obligation, finances, age, capabilities, or qualifications. But it doesn’t have to be that way and you might be surprised to know that with a change of focus and some clarity around what it is you do want, it’s way easier than you might think to ring in the changes. In very little time, you could be experiencing happiness in every area of your life.

Take your work, as an example. Forget for a moment having a job that’s “Okay, all things considered”, let’s open up your mind to the possibility that you could have a job beyond your wildest dreams. One that you absolutely LOVE!

In the four step process I’m about to share with you, your vibration will rise so high it will be impossible for you to attract or stay in a job that you don’t love, because you’ll no longer be a vibrational match to it. Here goes:

Step 1 – GET CLEAR

The first step to changing anything you don’t like in your life, is to identify what it is you DO want. This is the clarity phase. It can be very easy to overlook this step for the reason that we tend naturally to focus on those circumstances that we don’t like because we want to work out ways to change them. We analyse things and try to find solutions.

Because the issues are at the front of our minds, we assume that if the Universe is listening to us, then it already knows what we want because we’ve been very clear about what we don’t want. If it’s so clever, surely it can connect the dots, right? Wrong. That’s not how it works.

The Universe is not discriminative. It will never assume that what you’re thinking about (and consequently ‘asking for’) couldn’t possibly be what you actually want and decide to give you something different. Its job is to ‘meet’ you vibrationally and it ALWAYS does that without exception.

If all you’ve done is tell the Universe what you don’t want, (by thinking about that or feeling miserable about your current circumstances), all you are likely to get is more of the same! This is why you must put your desires into positive statements that clearly state what you DO want. Remember, the Universe doesn’t do ‘exclusion’.

Action 1

Make a list of all the reasons that you don’t like a situation. We’ll use a job as an example:

– I find the work boring
– My colleagues gossip about each other
– The hours are too long
– I don’t earn enough to pay for the holidays I want
– I don’t get to be creative
– I don’t feel appreciated

Next make a list of what you do want against the things you don’t want. Don’t hold back on this because you think some things are not achievable. Instead, stretch the vision of what you’d love to have!

– I want a job that feels fun and where the work is always interesting
– I want colleagues who are kind, friendly and respectful
– I want to work X hours a week
– I want to earn plenty of money to pay for amazing holidays
– I want a job where I get to be as creative as I can be
– I want to feel really appreciated by my boss and my colleagues
– I want to look forward to going to work

Then, create positive, present tense affirmations about each statement and say them to yourself with as much enthusiasm and excitement as you can muster every day:

– I LOVE having a job that feels fun and the work is always interesting
– I LOVE that my colleagues are always kind, friendly and respectful
– I LOVE that I only work [X] hours a week
– I LOVE that I earn enough money to easily afford amazing holidays
– I LOVE that I get to be completely creative every day
– I LOVE that I feel appreciated by my boss and my colleagues
– I LOVE every aspect of my job!

Feel the emotion around what you are saying. How does it make you feel to have those things? Hear it in your voice! Revel in the positive emotion!

Tip: Don’t skip the first part of this example thinking that you are ‘too positive a person’ to focus on the negatives. It may seem contrary to what you know about the Law of Attraction but identifying what you don’t want is a crucial part of the clarifying process. It helps you identify the emotions around the detail of your desires and it also shifts the energy of negativity inside you. I’ve seen people burst into tears about things they didn’t even realise they were tolerating when making their list of ‘don’t wants’. What is important is that you don’t engage with the emotions of the unwanted things for longer than it takes to identify them.


The second step to making the changes is, paradoxically, to find a way to enjoy what you are currently experiencing as much as you possibly can. Argh! I hear you cry “There’s no way I could do that!” But really, it is worth finding a way to do this, because it works. The golden rule is to love what you have and want more. That doesn’t mean you want more of what you already have, or that the Universe will interpret it that way. Your desire has already been set in step 1 above and there are only two things that can prevent it from turning into your reality:

The first is if you never meet it vibrationally in this lifetime – but don’t give this a second thought because you absolutely can! The only other thing that can prevent your desire from manifesting is if you set a new stronger desire in the meantime, which overrides the original one.

I used to worry that if I showed the Universe I was capable of liking something that I really wanted to change, then it would decide I was happy already and not see the need to help me anymore. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Action 2

Working with the example above, make a list of all the things you like (or even love) about your current job (or, if you don’t have a job and are looking for one, do the exercise about your current situation). They don’t have to be big things, they just need to switch on your appreciation valve:

– My job gives me an income and I can pay for my home
– My job keeps me disciplined
– I love the walk to work and the coffee shop next door with the smiley barista
– I love that I get to use my brain and that I’m developing my patience [or other skills]
– I’m lucky that I can shop online from my desk!
– I love that I get reduced gym rates
– I love that I have the weekends and evenings off
– I love that I work inside and I’m not exposed to the elements

Tip: Learning to love what you have, even when it isn’t ideal, is ultra- important for this reason: you take yourself with you. Using the example of the job change, if you leave a job because you don’t like the conditions, but you don’t do the vibrational work to clear those negative conditions out from your own energy, those conditions will follow you. As long as they are stuck in your vibration, you’ll find that similar circumstances show up for you time after time, no matter where you work. Remember, you create your own reality. To create something different, you have to be in a different vibrational place.

Step 3 – GET HAPPY!

The third step to making big changes involves doing something else that, for most of us, feels a little negligent. Instead of planning and analysing how you are going to go about doing things, you have a very different job to do. That is to focus on what will raise your own vibration so that it can meet the frequency of all the good things you’ve asked for. In essence, hand over the big work to the Universe and simply find a way to get happy! I can think of worse jobs to have!

Take your attention completely off your issues. Einstein said “We can’t find a solution with the same thinking we used to create the problem”. A problem has a different vibrational frequency than a solution – just as your old scenario has a different frequency from the new one you want to experience. Trust in the process. You won’t successfully raise your vibration if you are all caught up in the detail of your problems and how you might solve them.

When you work with the Universe, you are working with the energy that creates galaxies. Don’t be under any illusion that your single brain, no matter how awesome it may be, can compete with that. It’s just not going to happen! Our conscious brains can’t begin to imagine the possibilities available to us because they don’t have the view that the Universe does. Our personal view is microscopic and made even smaller by a bunch of limiting beliefs we’ve undoubtedly collected through life!

Action 3

Download my free e-book packed with information and tips on raising your vibration. It’s very short and you’ll be surprised at how simple (and fun) it can be! If you’d prefer a paperback version, the book is also available from Amazon.

Tip: This part of the process is critical because the Universe responds to your overall vibration. Raising your vibration really does require a multidimensional approach. If you feel joyful most of the time, but there’s someone or something in your life that brings you down, that is going to have a big impact on the average frequency of your vibration. It matters!


As your vibration rises and you focus more and more on things that make you happy, you will feel inspired to take certain actions. Inspiring you to do something is the Universe’s way of guiding you towards what you want.

Being inspired feels like an urge to do something – instead of feeling like hard work, it’s exciting and it will often feel very random. That’s because the Universe shows you the path that has the least resistance for you, to reach where you want to go.

For instance, if you want a career change and you are somebody who’s good at learning and strongly believes that you need a qualification to get a certain job, it is likely that it will somehow draw your attention to a course that could help you train in a new field.

If, on the other hand, you are a bit averse to formal education, but you have an amazing network of contacts, the Universe is more likely to put you together with one, who’s perhaps just heard about an opportunity that would suit you down to the ground and be a stepping stone to where you want to be.

Action 4

You must meet the Universe half way by taking inspired action. Listen to the tiny voice in you, rather than the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ of your rational brain. Imagine what a powerful message you are giving the Universe by showing your commitment to your new life. Quieten your mind so you can hear the inspiration and commit to taking the action even if your brain tells you you’re being ridiculous or that something will never work.

• Learn to hear your intuition
• Follow your intuition
• Be open to the possibilities
• Believe that change is coming

Tip: Your conscious brain’s job is to keep you safe and this means helping you to make rational decisions based on logic and experience. When you receive inspiration in the form of a thought, it will feel great in your heart, but your rational mind is highly likely to kick in and tell you all the reasons why the thought is just random and unrealistic. It may tell you it would be crazy, pointless or even reckless to follow up with any action. Recognise and acknowledge this for what it is: your ego trying to keep you in your comfort zone. Thank it for the information and do what you felt inspired to do regardless.

It’s easier than you think to make huge changes in your life and the great part is there’s absolutely no hard work involved. We’ve used changing work as an example here, but the same principles can be applied to all aspects of life. I’ve done this myself and I know it works!  It’s all about exploring and understanding what you really want and then having fun. When you put a desire out to the Universe, it becomes a reality in vibrational terms immediately. This means it is available, ready and waiting to come into your physical experience as soon as you can match its vibration. So… what are you waiting for?

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